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The team of floor installers at North Houston Flooring Pros has spent years working in properties across the Houston area with flooring installation, taking out existing floors and replacing them with new flooring, installing high-quality floors that are custom-built to your home and lifestyle. Our trained and qualified contractors have years of experience in floor design, flooring installation, and repairs, and there is nothing we can’t handle with our state-of-the-art construction equipment and in-depth expertise to bring your flooring project to life. Always performing to a high standard of workmanship of new flooring, you can count on us to work efficiently to install for you a fantastic floor that not only looks great but is built to withstand the true test of time.

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About Our Team

If you’re ready to live life on a solid, reliable floor, the team at North Houston Flooring Pros is here with all the skills and services you need to keep for a fantastic foundation transformation. Our contractors have spent years working in this industry, upgrading properties across the Houston area with premium floor installation, repairs, and maintenance services. In working with our experienced flooring experts, you’ll not only see a team hard at work to design and install a beautiful foundation in your home, but you’ll have true peace of mind that your new and improved floor is installed to last a lifetime, built by the number one, most trusted flooring installers company in the business.

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Our Services

When you’re ready to get started on your foundation transformations and new flooring installation with the number one, most trusted flooring installers professionals in the business, the team at North Houston Flooring Professionals is the one you need for a fantastic floor finish. Our services include everything from high-quality hardwood and laminate floor installation, expert tile patterns, and design ideas, we even are adept at metallic epoxy floor coating when you need to upgrade your foundation with strength and durability. In addition to reduced flooring installation cost services, we are also available to perform professional floor repairs and maintenance, we work hard to ensure you live a safe and comfortable life using a beautiful, strong, and reliable floor at home, all at reduced installation costs.

Hardwood North Houston

No matter if you’re looking for new hardwood floor installation, hardwood maintenance, professional foundation repairs, our team of trained and qualified contractors are here to help with your hardwood floors and hardwood installation. Adding a hardwood floor instantly admits warmth, beauty, and comfort to a room, we operate using the best-quality hardwood construction materials and work using strict attention to detail to ensure your new and improved hardwood foundation doesn’t just look fantastic but is built to last a lifetime.

Laminate North Houston

By working with our team of professionals for your laminate flooring projects, you’ll be met with a variety of options and customizations throughout our services. No matter if you’re looking for laminate installation on your newly constructed floors, if you are interested in vinyl flooring, or if you need professional laminate repairs or replacement services, our team of qualified contractors will install strong, long-lasting, and durable laminate floors that are guaranteed to exceed your foundation expectations.

Tile North Houston

Installing a new tile floor at home is an exciting time of selecting the right style and design that will best match your home and personal interior decor preferences. By selecting our team of tiling experts, you’ll see the entire process of installing floors, or install tile in this case, made easy with customized tile services from the best flooring professionals in the business. From efficient tile installation to premium tile design and pattern suggestions, you can sit back and relax as we install the tile floor you’ve been dreaming of, today.

Metallic Epoxy North Houston

Metallic Epoxy floor services from our highly skilled specialists involve a complex installation process of foundation preparation, epoxy resin pouring, floor material, and curing. Our team works with high-quality epoxy that is manufactured with beautiful metallic pigment that will reflect light in a visually stunning way, not only are our metallic epoxy floors a great choice for all residential, commercial, and industrial floor upgrades but our professional epoxy workmanship is set to last for years.

Floor Repair North Houston

Damage to your floor doesn’t only impact the look of your home, but if left unnoticed or untreated can cause greater damage to your home and pose a serious safety issue to passersby. Whether it’s cracked tiles, splitting hardwood flooring, or laminate floor scratches or scuffs, by selecting our trained and experienced professionals you’ll see your floor repaired as we use a smart combination of industrial-grade equipment, high-quality materials along with our in-depth floor repair expertise along with a new flooring installation.

Floor Maintenance North Houston

It’s important that you invest in regular professional floor maintenance services because your floor is the first area that visitors see in your home. Dull, damaged, or worn floors greatly impact the look of your house and can decrease the overall market value of your property. Our skilled floor maintenance and flooring installation specialists clean, buff, polish, and shine your floors back to its' condition, we guarantee that you’ll barely recognize your new and improved flooring at the conclusion of our services.


“I cannot recommend the services of North Houston Flooring Pros more, this team of hardworking professionals completely transformed my kitchen with a gorgeous tile that complements the look of my home. These experts offered me a fantastic range of options to select from in the initial stages of planning my kitchen floor remodel, and they worked diligently to create a stunning, uniform tile pattern that all my visitors continue to comment on. Thank you for the great work, team.”

Michelle B

“My bathroom floor needed a full replacement, the old, ugly tiles were dating the entire look of my home and I needed help from the best flooring professionals in the business. After contacting North Houston Flooring Pros, this team of highly knowledgeable contractors offered me great suggestions and advice on how best to make the most of my bathroom, they even took care of the tough bathroom floor removal job, making the entire new floor installation an easy and stress-free process!”

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“I am absolutely blown away by the incredible tile floor installation services from North Houston Flooring Pros. Not only was I met with a huge selection of high-quality tiles, but these friendly professionals took time to explain every step of the process to me. My new floor looks fantastic, and with some of the best prices for professional tile installation in Houston, there is no doubt as to why they are known as the number one, best floor installation company in Texas.”

Taylor J.

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Contact the team at North Houston Flooring Pros when you’re ready to get started on a more beautiful living environment, enhanced with a professionally installed, custom-made floor. Get in touch with us using the main contact number listed on our website to find out more information about our wide range of services in flooring installation, and how our seasoned professionals can improve the overall appearance and quality of your foundation. From your first contact with our team, you’ll not only receive custom information about your flooring project but you’ll be treated to the exceptional customer service that we are known for. Speak with our team today, and enjoy a lifetime of strong, sturdy flooring built by the best flooring professionals in the business.